I am not in the business of making or selling kits. All my make projects are currently released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. I try to support Open Source Hardware and I will put up the source code, parts list, Eagle files, and link to PCBs on BatchPCB whenever I have time. But I am curious if there is interest in me/someone offering a kit of any of these projects. E-mail me: larsi.org(at)gmail.com


Multi-touch Interface
First Prototype
Optical Distance Sensor
The Arduino Monome Project
MAME Interface
First Prototype
RGB Encoder
First Prototype
Simple Controller
First Prototype

Data Logger

Weather Station
Arduino, Processing, and Database
6 Vertical Sensors
Kill A Watt
Logging V, A, and W
SparkFun Weather Board
1-Wire Control
Real-time Data Logging

Blinking Lights

LED Coffee Table
49 Bliptronics LED Pixel RGB 8mm
Peggy 400h
4 W-Robot 16×16 Displays


Pololu 3pi Robot
Pan & Tilt Sensors

Arduino Shields (Daughterboards)

LED Cube3 Shield
27 LEDs
LED 6×5 Shield
30 LEDs
Double D-Pad Shield
8 Buttons